Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Look What Nancy Brought Back to the Midwest

Sometimes it is amazing what a small world it is. Last week, my wife's good friend got a call from one her good friends who lives in Seattle. She has been here many times and I have met her on several occasions.

This friend of a friend apparently listens to the Seattle PBS radio station often... in particular, a show with a food critic by the name of Nancy Leson. Imagine her surprise as this food critic comments on a trip to Illinois, our eating habits and then goes into a spiel about one nice restaurant she went to in LaSalle, Illinois. She also talks about her enchantment with our digital menus!

Seattle Times food writer and KPLU commentator Nancy Leson serves up a bounty of information and culinary tips on Pacific Northwest food, cooking, dining and restaurants. A native Philadelphian, she spent nearly 20 years waiting tables before trading her apron and corkscrew for a writer’s notebook and keyboard. Nancy joined the Seattle Times as lead restaurant critic in 1998 and today keeps her finger on the pulse of the local food scene on her blog, "All You Can Eat."

Imagine this friend of a friend listening to her program, and then this connection comes up out of the blue. Thank's for sharing with us Finny!


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