Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wine List Tutorial

So we've had the tablet menus for a little over a year now... and while we feel like we've got them down to a tee, we're sure there are many more surprises in store when it comes to operating our state-of-the-art technology. One of the newest additions that we need to make sure EVERYONE knows about is our wine list tutorial.

We proudly boast over 80 bottles of wine that are made throughout the world and hand picked by a select group to be served in the restaurant. First, we use Pairing Pro. This is a feature that will perfectly pair any specific dish with a glass or bottle of wine that we serve in house. But if that is not specific enough for you, the tutorial will also explain to you how to sort by type, varietal, country or appellation. You can also sort specifically by price, producer, or body.

  • Format - where you can narrow your selection by glass, half bottle, bottle, or other serving sizes available.
  • Type - select from white, red, sparkling, or dessert wine
  • Varietal - searches by grape variety or blend type
  • Country - the obvious choice of which particular country you prefer
  • Appellation - the region where the grapes for a wine were grown

The options are limitless, even for the most sophisticated wine drinkers. The list at the top of the page highlights the most commonly used filters to help you narrow the choices and find what you like. Naturally we're just trying to make things convenient for our customers, but for those of you who are slightly less experienced and looking to venture out into some uncharted waters with your wine selection, we feel that this is a great beginners guide!

Whether you're completely motivated to try something different or you're not entirely comfortable with having a tablet tell you what to try, our in-house experts can also give you a push in the right direction.  They're always willing to give you a solid recommendation and encourage you to try it out first.  Who knows, maybe you'll become the next wine sommelier!

Stop in and give our wine pairing tool a try.

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