Thursday, September 25, 2014

Calamari Tacos
(and Side Note about Nachos)

We have a wide variety of different tacos that are among our customer favorites, and we just came up with a new one you can add to the list. Coming soon will be calamari tacos.

We fry fresh calamari and serve it with red cabbage and cilantro with a unique jalapeƱo-plum sauce. It's a sweet and spicy Asian taco that differs from our other offerings... the southwestern marix marinated tacos we showcased during Lent, our west-coast inspired fish tacos found on our everyday menu, and even our house-smoked pork taco with a Mexican-infused flair we featured to kick off summer.

An additional note......a few weeks ago, we said that we would have tomatillo nachos on our menu. Unfortunately due to how busy the times got and with how many items we feature on the entirety of our menu, we regrettably weren't able to offer them to our loyal fan base.

Our customers/readers gave us an earful when we announced this item a few weeks ago and weren't able to deliver. But we can confidently say that you will see them on our menu in the coming days. We guarantee they will be here, and we guarantee you will love them!

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  1. Can't wait to come in and try both the Calamari Tacos and Nachos! Will be in next week, better be there! : )