Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

As the seasons change, so do the palates of beer drinkers. The fall and winter seasons bring on more of the darker styles of beers. Stouts, porters, maibocks and brown ales become more and more popular. This week, we bring a beer from the Rogue Brewing Company out of Newport, Oregon... Dead Guy Ale.

The Dead Guy Ale is a maibock style of beer. These strong German lagers were originally a darker beer; however, more modern bocks range from light copper to brown in color. This makes for a tasty beer on these cooler Autumn evenings this time of year.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale is brewed using Pacman yeast, a yeast that ferments very clean with little or no esters which will highlight the grain and hop flavors. It is a deep honey colored beer with a toasty malt aroma, rich hearty flavor and a well-balanced finish. The name "Dead Guy" is the name that stuck with the beer back in the early 1990's. The name and logo depicting a skeleton in a beehive hat was originally designed to honor the Mayan "day of the dead" (November 1st). The design was so popular they decided to keep it as the label for this maibock beer.

Rogue has been brewing fine, quality craft brews since 1988 when it started as a brewery and pub house in Ashland, Oregon. According to their website, in early 1989... there was interest in opening another one of these Rogue brew-pubs when...."One of Rogue’s founders wandered to Newport in search of the perfect place for another Rogue pub. A terrible and unusual snowstorm struck and our founder was stranded in Newport along its Historic Bay Front. He walked the streets and happened upon Mohava Niemi, founder of Mo’s Restaurants. Mo extended her signature hospitality, welcoming him to the city with her famous clam chowder. Over a bowl, Mo shared her dream of living above a bar and described the perfect spot for the next Rogue Ales Brew Pub. Mo had a large building that sported three apartments upstairs, a sweater shop, an art gallery, 1,100 sq. ft. of empty storefront, and an 800 sq. ft. garage that was used to store antique cars. This became the new headquarters of Rogue Brewery."

Be a part of the "Dead Heads" and enjoy this signature brew the next time you are in.

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