Thursday, October 23, 2014

Braised Short Ribs, plus Shishito Peppers

Down home dishes and full, hearty meals are often synonymous with the cool-weather season that's upon us. They leave us feeling full and satisfied. Our cooks have taken a twist on a classic to create an elegant dish that will truly define "comfort food."

Slowly braised short ribs will soon be featured on our menu. Braising is a type of cooking where a food is seared at a high temperature to create a crust, before being finished in liquid. This helps to break down a tough meat and make it fork tender to create a fall-apart cut. 

Our ribs are braised in a red wine, and then the remaining liquid is used to make a housemade wild mushroom reduction. We place all this on a bed of creamy and silky Italian polenta to create a truly savory dish.

Common in Italian and French cuisine, polenta is cornmeal that is made into a consistency just thicker than porridge. Many of us usually refer to it as grits. In either case, we're positive that this dish will remind you of the down home cooking of your past.  And with a glass of red wine, we say that nothing could be better.

If you're not feeling quite ready for the cold, we're making one final push of the season with our shishito peppers. Customers have been raving about our fire roasted peppers, but we're ready to prepare them a little differently... as poppers!

We take a blend of crab meat and cream cheese and fill the shishito peppers before we deep fry and serve them with our housemade salsa. Don't worry, these peppers aren't as spicy as your typical jalapeno - except for maybe one or two!  Which in this case, it's a new version of Russian Roulette... but we'll let you take the chance on that.

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