Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adult Milkshakes

Just a few weeks ago we introduced gelato, and now we're moving forward and putting it to even better use than before.  Yes, having one scoop after dinner is a great dessert, but what would make it even better?  That's right! Alcohol!  In a short time here we're going to be experimenting with a combination of different after dinner and dessert drinks that will incorporate our gelato with different types of liqueurs.  

For instance our first item on the showcase is what we call "Raspberry Ripple". It will be our classic vanilla bean gelato with a swirl of chambord raspberry liqueur. It's a smooth and creamy blended drink that provides just a hint of fruit without being overpowering like a creamsicle. 

Our next drink is another simple tale on a rootbeer float. The "Guinness Float" begins with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato and float it in a freshly poured glass of Guinness Stout. Guinness is a well known smooth and velvety beer with hints of chocolate and cream, and it pairs well with the even creamier gelato creating an "adults-only float." 

For a drink more accustomed to the milkshake lovers out there, this next one is for you.  We take a scoop of our cappucino gelato, mixed with a swirl of caramel, and a hint of kahlua and you get a twist of the infamous frozen coffee drinks found at a coffee house (except ours is better).....and we have the "Kahlua Creamer".

And finally, which Ray has shown particular excitement for, we have a simple, deconstructed ice cream drink.  A single scoop of vanilla bean gelato topped with a generous pour of bourbon. For you bourbon aficionados out there, try the "Bourbon Affogato", we're sure this one's for you. While the ice cream drinks haven't been popular since the 60's and 70's, we're making a push to bring them back.  Yes you can still get the ever popular brandy alexanders and grasshoppers on a daily basis, but why not venture off into some a little more different. We dare you.

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