Thursday, November 13, 2014

Playlist Theater Alum:
The Prophet Speaks

One of the most gratifying parts of hosting our Playlist Theater shows is when you see someone who played here get some really good press. This past weekend, Chuck Prophet (played here winter 2010 & spring 2012) got some really great publicity. In fact, I cannot remember the the last time the Chicago Tribune did this big an article on any musician. 

Click here to read it yourself.

We have been fans of his for a long time. Before we ever even considered doing our own shows - I can't remember if I was with Bernie or Tom - we talked with Chuck as he was loading that white Econoline van after a Schubas show. Congratulations, Chuck!

Chuck has been working with some really big people as of late. His last few CD's have been critically acclaimed. I am starting to realize he might be out of our league.

I am working on our winter shows and promise to have some announcements for you soon. I even think there is a chance Chuck could be on that list, although it might have to be a weeknight. We will take it!

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