Thursday, November 13, 2014

Seat Me!
New Reservation System

In the next few days, you will notice a change in the way we take our reservations and manage our seating. We have just partnered with Yelp SeatMe. We are presently using it to manage our floor, and in the next few days it will become much, much easier to make a reservation on line with just a few keystrokes.

In the past, we had pretty archaic system in which a customer would contact us through our website, we would approve and enter the reservation, and then we would respond to the customer with a confirmation email. The process involved the passage of as much as a couple hours and tons of keystrokes. Not very efficient if someone is traveling, on the go or just wants to make a simple reservation for lunch for 2 in a half hour. 

In this agreement, through the Yelp site, you will be able to look for open times, and it will tie you directly to our open table database.  Simply indicate you want 2 people in an hour, and you have your confirmed reservation. If we are already full or busy, you can see when we do have an opening. If you have a Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Facebook account, you will not even need to input your name. Just tell us how many and when. You also will be able to get to this site through as well as the sites mentioned above and even a few more.

Another interesting feature of this product is SMS and emailing paging for confirmations, reservation changes and waiting. If you are waiting at the bar, shopping downtown or just out for a walk, this system will contact you when your table is ready. 

From a dining room floor-management aspect, this program is much simpler and easier for our hostesses. In the past, we could only work on one device that was tied to the front desk. Now we can work on anything that connects to the Internet. From finding out whom to seat, to telling our front desk person a table is set, open and ready, it can be done from an iPad in a different room. We really think this product will revolutionize every aspect of our reservation book.

We serve about 10,000 guests month. It might not sound like much, but not long ago this is what we used..... In fact, right about this time year, we would call office supply and order our 2015 reservation book. It really is amazing how much things can change.

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