Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014

Now that Christmas is over, we all get to let out a big sigh of relief, right? It's finally over... but not for us. As 2014 comes to a close, we plan and prepare for our busiest day of the year. Every business has their BIG day, and this coming Wednesday night will be ours.

Every year (the last 21 for me), we have taken great pride in serving the area's best orchestrated New Year's Eve dining experience. Yes, the reservation book is filling up but for those procrastinators, please keep in mind that there are still reservations available with us. Click the following link to make your reservations today!

A lot of work goes into preparing for the 700+ reservations we're able to accommodate on our big night. With over 2,000 helium filled balloons - as you can see from the picture - and 48 tables available, we invite you to come celebrate with us in the fun, festive atmosphere! The Uptown will be the place to be. From the first customer that comes in at 3:45 pm to the last table served, we look to provide an enjoyable evening for everyone. Whether it be the great food, drink or celebration atmosphere, there is no better way to finish off the long Christmas season than to provide to a packed house.

Still unsure of where to go? Here are a few things to consider in making your decision.

Most other places increase prices and limit their menu on this night - we do neither. The only limitation is we will not be serving sandwiches. The rest of our menu is open. And as you can see above, there are several specials that we put together. You will see menu items such as prime rib, lobster, leg of lamb or slow roasted pork loin.

Most places you can also expect some long waits due to kitchen lag and overbooking. You will not find that here. In year's past, the longest someone has waited is less than 10 minutes at the peak of our night. With over 25 years of doing these, we have done this enough to learn what it takes to be ready.

Again, there are still some peak reservation times available. Call us at 815-224-4545 or use our online reservation link above. Remember, our kitchen serves until midnight, and the bar stays open later.

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