Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Giving Tree (sell out alert), plus
Paul Cebar next Friday

Just a reminder that our selection of 2015 shows kick off this Friday and next Friday.  Purchase your tickets by clicking here.

The Giving Tree Band  - Only about 10 tickets left
Friday, January 30th

$22 general admission
Artist Website  |  Music Video

They have not appeared here since 2013.  This extremely talented band now plays with 4 sets of strings across the front, along with percussion. The look and the feel of The Band, their originals go down that road. I think last time they even threw in a few tunes from The Band. With the new look of this band, we are very anxious to see them. Five pieces.

Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound  
Friday, February 6th
$20 general admission 
Artist Website  |  Music Video

What perfect timing. Paul will warm you up with his blend of Afro Funk Bohemian Calypso Reggie with a splash of Zydeco. You will feel like you are at the beach. This is a fun fun fun show.

As long as we are having shows at the Playlist Theater, there will always be a place for Paul Cebar with or with out his band Tomorrow Sound. A very learned man and long time "King of Live Music" in Chicago and Milwaukee, he is extremely respected in the music world. I can promise you a fun time... be ready to dance.  Five pieces.

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