Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wiener Wednesdays

We always brag that our weekly specials are a great value. Which they are. For instance, who can beat a $13 oscar every Sunday? Especially when you can customize it with up to 5 different styles?

But this week I'm focusing on one... our Wienerschnitzel Wednesdays - or Wiener Wednesdays for short.  Guess what day it is, HUMP DAY! Yea we know, we've heard all the jokes about it (trust me I'm a big culprit of making them, too). But nevertheless, we don't grow tired of it either.

Every Wednesday (but only after 4pm) we serve hand-made wienerschnitzel with buttery spaetzle and roasted asparagus. And even better than that, it's only $13. Schnitzel is the most recognizable dish in Viennese Cuisine; it has actually risen to fame becoming the national dish of Austria!

Our schnitzel is very similar to the original styling. We take a butterflied pork filet and lightly bread it before sauteing to a perfect golden brown. It is then squeezed with fresh lemon according to traditional customs. We serve it with the ever-famous German spaetzel, a soft egg dumpling that is usually similar to butter noodles.

So come down, make your jokes (seriously, it's not tiring at all) and find out for yourself the great deal that our weekly specials offer. Who knows, maybe Hump Day will become your next favorite day of the week!

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