Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dry-Aged 42 Ounce Bone-In Ribeye

Announcing our 35 Day, Dry-Aged 42 Ounce Bone-In Ribeye. That's a mouthful... well more than a mouthful!

The best description was what one of my employees said after tasting it... "animal butter."

First off, I know this was not planned real well. We announce the arrival of the meatiest meat in our history at the very start of Lent. I guess 5 weeks ago when we started the process, we did not put much thought into that.

Just before Christmas, we served our first true dry-aged steak, a one pound New York Strip. It was an experiment just to see if there was a market for a higher quality (and more expensive) cut of meat. These were steaks that were aged and available generally to our meat supplier's restaurants.

This supplier took the initiative last fall to build a true dry aging room and hired someone to be in charge of the process. This is an age old art, like making cheese or wine. One option that was available to us was to buy our loins from them and have them age them for us whole. Five weeks ago, the supposed perfect amount of time for dry aging, we had them stow 4 whole bone in ribeye loins. They averaged about 23 pounds going in.

The process actually dries the moisture out of the beef and concentrates it flavors. Coming out, those same loins averaged about 17 pounds. This is about what we expected... a 30% weight loss in process. Knowing our bovine anatomy, having 7 bones meant we would then cut each loin into 7 steaks. The result is an almost obscene steak that averages around 40 ounces and is 2.5 to 3 inches thick.

We do trim some of the exterior as it can start to taste almost cheesy. We leave most of the other fats on as true beeficiondo can even appreciate that. 

This could be eaten as a truly gluttonous one person feast, or even for a couple to share. This is the real thing. It is one of those rare menu items that makes us just a little different from everyone else.

I know we will not sell a lot of them. We only have 28 of these babies. We know each one by name and will be sad to see them go.


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    1. This 42 ounce, 35 day dry aged, certified angus bone-in ribeye is available all day, every day for $59...while supplies last!

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