Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flavor Combos Push Their Boundaries

It seems more often than not, we're seeing trends lately that blur the lines of flavor boundaries in ways people wouldn't imagine. For instance, Lay's potato chips has a contest to offer $1 million dollars to the person who comes up with the next hot flavor. So far, one of the main front runners is a Cappuccino-flavored potato chip.

Brands like Cheetos are veering away from the cheesy taste that has served them well for 67 years to a sweet, sugar-coated Cheetos. And for those of you feeling adventurous, Pringles has just introduced a chocolate flavored chip.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cliff brand energy bars are currently offering a margherita pizza flavor packed into a 4 ounce energy bar. We always see the trends changing, but sometimes it makes you wonder if it's really for the better.

Blending flavors is a popular idea that could never go away, but who comes up with this stuff? When our cooks start blending things together (especially in items like our "Burger Me Thursday" specials), we like to believe they're items that can be coherently paired together. 

Or on the other hand, many people would be hard pressed to pair macaroni and cheese with real lobster (but trust me you won't want to miss that one). In either case, it boils down to the fact that people need to be a little more open-minded to try new things.

And while starting with a pizza-flavored energy bar may not be the easiest of tasks, it certainly makes the idea of lobster mac and cheese sound that much more appealing!

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