Thursday, March 5, 2015

Miss Tess "Swang"

Click here to view the sound check from 2-25-15.
Miss Tess and her Talkbacks performed here last Wednesday night. It was a terrible, snowy, cold evening that did not lend itself to a weekday evening performance... especially with it being Miss Tess's first time here.

But weather aside, everything that was said about her turned out be true. She and her band were fantastic! She has one of the best female voices we have had here. I included a snippet from sound check. Keep in mind, this is only the sound check. When they hit the stage, the sound is so pure.

I think I will call this genre of hers "Swang," a combination of swing and twang. It is beautifully different. She performed many of her yet-to-be released songs, her recorded songs, as well as an interesting collection of eclectic classics.  
Miss Tess will be back!

On to David Lindley... Saturday, April 11th. We are down to a handful of tickets left.  (You can purchase yours by clicking here.)

See you in about a month,

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