Thursday, March 26, 2015

Small Dessert Selections

On the list of hot trends for restaurant menus in 2015 were small portions and bite-sized mini desserts. And while we typically try to be trendsetters rather than followers, the concept of small dessert selections was too enticing to pass up.

Often a highlight of the meal for many, dessert is a perfect way to cap off a wonderful dining experience. But some of the dessert monstrosities that are offered (and yes, we have our own with the chocolate lava armageddon cake) are almost too much to handle after a full meal.

So it only makes sense to offer smaller portions. If you can squeeze in several different flavor profiles within the smaller portions, you are most certainly onto something. And that's what we think we have done with our two newest dessert offerings.

The first is a trio of delightful and stomach-settling gelato served in 2 oz portions. Choose from vanilla bean, double dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip, pistachio americana, salted caramel or cappuccino flavors.

Or try out a delectable dessert trio which features caramel apple tart with housemade caramel sauce, oreo fudge brownie with chocolate sauce, and lemon-berry tart with strawberry sauce.

All you have to do is remember to save room!

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