Thursday, March 26, 2015

An Upgrade in Wine Storage

As the bar manager for the last 15 years, a very important part of the job is maintaining our wine program. We offer 10 wines by the glass and over 90 by the bottle... a pretty extensive list for our area that we are proud of. In fact, we try to choose both great tasting and great value wines to offer. We guarantee you'll find a favorite to choose from.

However, the types of wine we offer are only part of the equation.  The proper storage and tempering of the wine is another factor.  And with over 90 bottles to choose from, the next question is where and how do you store them properly?

Wine is very sensitive, and proper storage is important. A dark, cool environment is key to keeping a healthy wine. At times, we could have over 1,000 bottles in house to store. Space, of course, is one issue but temperature is even more important. 

White wines are best stored around 45-50F degrees and reds are tempered at 55-60F.
Storing wine at these proper temperatures allow it to age and hold the best.

Typically, your average refrigerator holds at 38-40F, thus making white wines too cold. And most places store their reds at room temperature, which could be anywhere from 70-80F.  Our upgraded "wine cave" solves this problem and offers the best possible storage and tempering for our selection.

Wineries put a lot of time and effort into growing grapes and making the wine. They can't stress enough the proper storage temperatures their product requires in order to get the best flavors. This is why wine is shipped on temperature controlled trucks to distribution centers across the country. In transit, the product is stored at the same temperatures as the distribution centers. These same temp-controlled trucks then bring the product to us.

After all this controlled tempering, we do the wine justice by keeping it stored in the proper environment.  From production to glass, the wine we offer is always stored at the appropriate temperature as intended by the wine makers.

Stop in and try a glass (or bottle) for yourself!

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