Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spaghetti Dinner Benefit

You've had "fast food" before, but have you had Uptown's version of "fast food" when it's for charity?

This Monday, March 30th is our 14th annual Lighted Way Spaghetti Dinner. An $8 donation gets you a plate full of spaghetti, fresh baked bread, salad, coffee and cake.

This isn't any generic spaghetti that comes out of a jar. All spaghetti and sauce is made in house by our cooks, so you know it's good. While we'll be serving from our normal menu for lunch on Monday, the only thing available from 4:30-8:00 will be spaghetti.

For those of you not looking to dine in, you can still partake in this event and get an order to go. But this isn't just any order to go. Any person can come in, get as many orders as they want (for $8 a piece) and have them ready in less then 60 seconds, GUARANTEED!  (Check out this video link to see for yourself.)

Who else can brag about that kind of service for charity?! You can't get a better meal, faster, anywhere else.

The best part about the whole event is that all money raised stays locally within the Lighted Way Foundation. Lighted Way is a private day school that has catered to students with developmental disabilities since 1957, and this annual event is their biggest fundraiser.

Lighted Way has extensive programs geared towards engaging its students both educationally and therapeutically: music, occupational, physical, speech and language. These students are taught by certified special education teachers, and additional care is provided by teacher aides.

The Uptown has helped raise almost $200,000 for the Lighted Way Foundation and hope to continue this success with your donations! Tell your family and friends and stop in and see us, or get yourself a to-go in no time flat.

Either way, support a great cause and we'll guarantee a great dinner!

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