Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beer List Update

As you know, our digital menus have been a big thing for us.  Technology improvements are all around us, and it has been something we feel has improved the dining experience.  After almost 2 years, we are still one of the very few places in the state, if not country, that features them!

Quite frankly, the digital menus can be a great tool to see what you are ordering or simply a medium to displaying a page. Just a swipe of the finger and you go from page to page.  And like any software, there are going to be some improvements... the latest update we received was to our beer menu. 

If you have experienced our wine menu, you will already have a pretty good idea on how the beer menu will work. The look is quite similar, and the functionality will help you find what you're thirsty for.

The page itself has a sleek look to it with beer labels that may help you visualize a beer that you're seeking. It is also organized by style with bold headings to distinguish one style from the next. You will be able to see pretty easily which beers we have available in each style.

One of the easy features is now, across the top of the page, you will be able to filter the list anyway you like. Choose from bottle vs. draft, beer style or even country and you will see the nice Belgian ales, German wheats or our American West Coast IPA's we have to offer.

After finding one you like, tap on it and you will get some interesting information on the brewery, beer and what ABV the beer is.  As craft brews become more and more popular, this list will help guide you through what we have available.

As always, if you are having any trouble, please ask one of our friendly servers and they will be happy to show you around the list.

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