Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cod en Papillote

Lent is over, but our affinity for fish isn't. So in turn, Chef Chris has introduced cod en papillote. En papillote (pronounced en pappy-o, meaning "in parchment") is a French method of cooking in which food - typically fish or vegetables - is skillfully rolled into a parchment bag and baked.

With a specific style of wrapping, it creates a small hole in the top of the "bag" allowing the fish inside to steam within the flavors of the vegetables and sauce mixed in. Our creation offers a combination of sauteed grape tomatoes, asparagus, and shiitake mushrooms.

Placed over our cod filet, the mixture is then generously ladled with a housemade sherry cream sauce. The fish is served to you bag and all, and it's like opening up your very own gift at the table.

En papillote (no matter what kind of fish) was always a staple for us during the Fridays in Lent, but this year we took our special in a different direction during that season. To reward our customers' patience and appreciation for our other dishes, we decided to put this on the menu for the time being.

Enjoy it while you can!

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