Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dustbowl Revival This Friday & A New Show Announcement

Dustbowl Revival Friday April 17th at 730

Ok I am going to make one last plea. If you are a fan of the music we bring here we really don't want you to miss this show. As our emcee, Mr Tom Ptak says "Trust the venue". You get 8 pieces! Washboard, mandolin, fiddle, trumpet, trombone, stand-up bass, drums and guitar. I promise you a high energy, super-sensory experience. We only have about 40 seats left.

My source that hooked us up with Dustbowl has told me on several occasions, they are his absolute favorite live band. We had a patron here Saturday night that told us he saw them a few weeks ago and they almost brought down the tent. They were voted the best live band in Los Angeles by L.A. Weekly. I am really hoping that if they get a true taste of how great our audience is, they will be coming back forever. I probably don't tell you enough. Almost every artist says you are some of the best patrons anywhere and they always seem very sincere.

While they can jam in the van. Just check out their video page . I was very concerned about space. They told me they could make it work but I went ahead and purchased another stage section anyway. I want them to have enough room for that trombone to slide, to slap that stand up bass and to make that wash board smoke. 

It has been fun this week selecting and sending out a video to our daily email group everyday. Their stuff is amazing. I can not remember the last show I was looking forward to this much. Order your tickets now. 

A video taste of the band:

    Watch Video ~ John the Revelator

Tickets are on sale now click here

New Show Announcement  - Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires 
Thursday May 21st -15$

Tom and I started following Matthews career about 20 years ago. His gravely tone and introspective subject matter were something very different at the time. He also was a favorite of Lucinda Williams as she was rising. One of my favorite songs of all time is a Matthew Ryan song sung as a duet with Lucinda. Their voices are so perfect together. click to listen - 

Matthew is touring with a new band and promoting a new CD, Boxers. I know he has played a few house shows in our area and wanted to play here. We were able to squeeze this show in on a Thursday and it is only 15$

Stay tuned, more about Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires to come in next week's newsletter.

Watch Their Video - Boxers

Tickets are on sale now - click here

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  1. This is a note share a little bit what 120 patrons at Uptown Grill's Playlist Theater were able to experience on Friday April 17th.

    But first, an admonition. If you just looked at the name of the group, Dustbowl Revival, and decided this was a group you had never heard of, and therefore not worth your time, your effort, and your money, you made a very bad mistake.

    I apologize that it is very difficult to put into a few short words just how great this performance was. This talented group of artists served up a delicious musical gumbo. All of the parts were outstanding, but the sum was fantastic.

    Here is another to understand what happened. Nobody who only listened to a Bruce Springsteen record, would have any idea of just happens when he takes the stage. But once you go, you understand something deeper about the power of music.

    What this band did on the Uptown stage, was touch every person in the room, with the deep power of music.