Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lil' Devil by Alesmith

The coming warm weather means it's time to change a few things on our beer menu. Gone are the darker, heavier bodied beers of winter and in come the lighter, more citrus styles to quench our thirst.

This week, we are introducing a craft brewer new to our draft tower. Alesmith Brewery - out of San Diego, California - was founded in 1995 and has been named #1 best brewery in the world not once, but twice, in 2006 and 2013 by RateBeer, a reputable beer industry group. It was hard choosing which beer to start with for our list, but we finally decided on their summer favorite... Lil' Devil Belgian style ale.

Belgian brewers often supplement the balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness you find in every beer with fruity, spicy, floral and herbal aromas. Alesmith took note on this because Lil' Devil is an unfiltered beer that pours a gold color with the trademark Belgian style creamy head.

Its lighter body with ground coriander and orange peel are what highlight this refreshing brew. I don't know about you but coriander and orange tell me it is summer, and we all could use a little summer here!

San Diego, over the years, has produced some amazing craft breweries. Inspired by the brewing styles of Great Britain and Belgium, Alesmith began by two gentlemen and their passion for producing great beer. In 2002, their brewmaster Peter Zien purchased the brewery and made it into what it is today.

To this day, the brewery continues to produce high quality beers worthy of national and international awards. Their barleywine and Belgian strong ales continue to be at the top of those lists year after year.

As we continue to add new warm-weather flavors to our list, stop down and give Lil' Devil a taste! 

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  1. Lil' Devil by Alesmith is a devilishly delightful Belgian-style pale ale that's bound to seduce your taste buds. With a mischievous blend of fruity esters, spicy notes, and a touch of malt sweetness, this devilishly good brew is sure to leave you craving more. Embrace the temptation and let Lil' Devil cast its spell on your palate."Thank you for sharing your expertise! Keep up the excellent work! Continue to share. Please feel free to look at my website.