Thursday, April 2, 2015

Offering our Thanks:
Spaghetti Dinner Success

The daily grind of running a business usually entails daily requests for donations. As most business owners know, it is just fiscally impossible to be charitable to every request. The main goal of running a business is to make money for the business, not to give it away. And as most business owners know, saying no truly is a difficult thing.

Of course, there is the human side that wants to help and contribute to every donation request. But the fiscal side just doesn't allow for it, especially in our current economy. You have to be selective from not only a business perspective, but from a relations perspective. How can you contribute to one event, but not another? Where do you draw that line, and how do you draw that line? These are things we must deal with, and sometimes have to make difficult decisions.

We choose to do the spaghetti dinner because we are using our facility, our staff, and our time. There are not many places that could serve well over a thousand meals in a few hours. We also considered when selecting this function - as our main charity event - the fact that all the donations generated stay in our community and are used 100% for a true local need. 

Because we use our staff, who selflessly give up their time and the opportunity to make money, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who is incredibly generous in donating their time. Many of them put in a full eight-hour shift to ensure this event goes off with out a hitch. Some were here all day. Some came in early in the morning to set up tables, chairs, and to move boxes upon boxes of items we needed to make it through the night. Some came in on Sunday to make spaghetti for 6 tireless hours, and some made spaghetti sauce until the cows came home!

We also have several friends and customers that participate in many ways. Whether it is tossing salad, packing carry outs, dishing spaghetti, or shuttling food... it is appreciated! We generally start a week ahead making sauce with it gradually turning into a frenzy of activity by the time the doors open. We could not do it with out all of you. This year we helped to generate over $12,000 for this school for developmentally disabled children. We learned the evening of our benefit that we were up against a couple of other area fundraising dinners, and to still raise that much money is an amazing thing. Thank you!

The Lighted Way also supplies a huge amount of helpful and enthusiastic volunteers. I always get a kick out of how they react to their one night of the year in the restaurant business. Last but not least, thank you to everyone who came out and donated to this great cause. All in the name of a plate of spaghetti! As long as you keep turning out, we will continue to be charitable.

Here is the list of all of the generous people from the Uptown's end that participate. Thanks! We could not do this with out you: There are so many volunteers from both the Uptown, The Lighted Way and local businesses that if we do forget someone, we apologize. 

Rita, Ray & Ryan Anderes
Jim Lannen - Ava Lannen
Chris Plankenhorn - Joseph Plankenhorn
Marsha Klimek - Mary Halberg
 Ryan Giacometti - Roberta & Alley Wright
Charis Sherman - Geena Biccochi
Josh Theisinger - Chuck Messino
 Ashley & Shayne Rounds
Mary Considine - Maddie Caruthers
Alan Eschenbaum - Mike Reagan
Drew & Denise Bernabei - Jerry Nosalik
Megan Considine - Katherin Kaszynski
Tracey Schmitz - Katie Doyle
Brendan Corrigan - Craig Bartlett
Steve Jensen - Jamie Jensen
Matt Marusich - Melinda Holm
Julie Scott - Sara Fitzpatrick &Evan
Joran Soja - Haily Backes
Nolan &  Kim Washelesky - 
Jed Andreoni and Nelena Ziano
 Hyvee - Maze Nails & Sysco Chicago - Kim Parker
All of the Lighted Way staff and their numerous volunteers ~ Thank You!


  1. Hello my dear friends! Excellent first-time experience with agency. The turn-around time was less than half the projected number of hours, and the error rate was low. My own fingers would have many more mistakes and taken many hours longer. Nice job, fellas. I'll be back for sure.

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