Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Return of David Lindley

We first introduced our upcoming David Lindley show just before Christmas. There are now only about a dozen seats remaining for purchase. 

David Lindley
Saturday, April 11  |  7:30 pm (two 45 minute sets)
$25 General Admission  |  Purchase Tickets

For those of you unfamiliar with music, you have heard David Lindley a million times without realizing it. His most famous gig was his many years, up to the present, playing with Jackson Browne. He has also done many stints with Ry Cooder, Crosby Stills & Nash, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Ben Harper and Warren Zevon. He has been a major part of some of rock and roll's all time famous albums. 

His solo career includes several acclaimed CD's: Big Twang and El Rayo X. Many cuts from these CD's you might have heard in a Starbuck's somewhere. He is also a Grammy nominee.

David has played for us twice before in 2007 and '08. In the past, his show has consisted of some really great stories from primordial rock and roll, using every guitar in the buffet, and a quirkiness that only belongs to David. We are happy to bring him back.

This is David's first return appearance since the early days of the Playlist Theater. He will play a solo show featuring a plethora of stringed instruments.

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