Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Uptown Social Media:
Welcome to the Party

Over the last few years, the world of social media has exploded. 93% of businesses use some form of social media to connect with clients. Because social media is now the number one activity on the worldwide web, bars and restaurants have an increased opportunity to connect with their fans and customers.

So what does this mean for Uptown? This means we as a restaurant have to step up our game and make sure we are using every opportunity available to us.

As most of our customers already know, we have a Facebook page. We use it for our “Caption This Contest,” and we use it for posting specials as well as promoting concerts. But is this enough?

In a recent article, social media was compared to a cocktail party: “Social media is like a cocktail party. You have to make the party fun for the people to want to come.”

After more than one “meeting of the minds,” we came to realize we needed to become familiar with Twitter and Instagram as well to truly engage all of our audiences and keep them informed! (We aren't pros yet, but we're getting there). We have always wanted our customers to stay in the know about the happenings of our restaurant. Expanding our network allows us to not only share our food ideas, but it also allows us to pay close attention to what is most liked, what is retweeted, and what comments start a dialogue.

We feel that by being more involved on the Internet, we could give fans a behind-the-scenes look at our restaurant, share sneak peaks of upcoming performers and maybe even give them first glimpses of new dishes before they even hit the menu. We want to be more connected to our customers by having them share their experiences!

Maybe it's enjoying a cold one on the patio after work, or a date night including a few glasses of wine, prime rib, and the chocolate lava armageddon to share. Maybe it's a family affair with a bunch of Pork T's and kids meals to end a good day of hiking at Starved Rock. 

It could be that you're out walking your dog and stop for a drink and dog treat out on the sidewalk. Maybe you are celebrating your parents' 50th anniversary in our Banquet Room. Or maybe you are here every Monday night for Steak Diane.

Whatever it is that keeps you coming back, we are counting on you to share that with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and of course, in person)!

Go easy on us... we're new to this ever-growing world of the Internet, but we're ready for the challenge and need the support of our loyal customers! So if you haven't already liked our Facebook page (Uptown Grill) or started following us on Twitter (_uptowngrill), do so now. It's the only place you can get first access to our contests, specials, and more!

All aboard the social media train - it's the Uptown cocktail party that you're invited to and don't want to miss!

If you act quickly, you can still get tickets to Eilen Jewell tomorrow night, Thursday, April 30 in our Playlist Theater. Tickets are just $20. If you are having doubts about having fun on a Thursday, no worries.  A recent Pollstar article acclaimed that "once you hear her-you can't help but stick around for more." Come find out for yourself!

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