Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1 Week, 2 Artists, 3 Shows

Listening to live music is one of the most pleasurable things you can do when in your worst mood... and even better when in a good mood. That being said, what is it about live music in a restaurant that makes it such a unique experience?

There are plenty of ways we make a dining experience here enjoyable. For some, it is that you can have a steak at lunch and a sandwich at dinner - our menu is the same all day, everyday. It could be that we are the appropriate place for celebrations, big or small. Maybe it is that you come here and have the full deal from before dinner drinks, all the way to dessert and after dinner drinks.

We have something for everybody and feel confident in being different from the other restaurants in our small area! We've got the food covered and the drinks taken care of, but what do we have to appeal to the music lovers, to “complete the package” and make this the place to be for entertainment?

For 10+ years now, Ray has been combining two of his loves, live music and Uptown Grill. Live music is arguably lacking in our region compared to the Chicago area or other large cities. Whether you are at a fancy restaurant or the corner cafe, live music just makes dining better. Plain and simple.

We average 2-3 shows per month at our Playlist Theater, and in the past decade, we have had some of the greatest performances this area has ever seen. We have some artists who know their way around our stage like nobody's business having played up there at least 2 or more times. 
We are also privileged to have other artists who are first timers and bring a completely different sound than anything else we are used to. Our stage has seen such diversity, and each performer looks forward to coming back (and we look forward to having them)!

Andy Frasco is making his not first, (nor second or third), but fourth appearance on our stage this coming Thursday, May 14th and Friday, May 15th. Andy has done something different each time he has been here. Regardless, his audience has always left pumped up, exhilarated and fully energized after each set! His performances really are out of this world and are nearly impossible to describe!

Andy Frasco and the United Nations
Thursday, May 14 & Friday, May 15  |  7:30 pm
$22 General Admission  |  Purchase Tickets

A performance as overwhelming as Andy Frasco and the United Nations requires two nights. This is his first back-to-back experience with us here at the Uptown and to make it even more spectacular, it is his first time bringing his entire, original band from the west coast, known as the “California Crew.” There are still a few spots left to see him for both Thursday's and Friday's shows. You don't want to miss out on a show like his! Let Andy Frasco and the United Nations show you a thing or two about how live music should be done.

We are giving our customers only one week to relax and calm down following Andy Frasco's amped up performance before Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires take our stage on Thursday, May 21, 2015. Matthew Ryan comes to us with a career that spans nearly two decades!

Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires
Thursday, May 21  |  7:30 pm
$15 General Admission  |  Purchase Tickets

Ray has been a long time fan of him, and we consider ourselves lucky to have been able to squeeze in his performance. We couldn't have picked a better time to have him. Matthew is touring with a new band AND promoting a new CD, Boxers.

Reviews recently included that the “sound of BOXERS is directly related to its content; a lyrically driven story exploring the collisions of hope and frustration. A story that speaks directly to the listener, armed with a resolute anger that somehow comforts, eliciting chills and fist in the air.”

There is nothing better than an artist that uses an album to speak to your soul and bring chills to your bones. Tickets still available for a show you will regret missing!

Let your evening start and end with Uptown. We've been doing this for years, and we love entertaining! We've got all you need from A-Z! Where else can you go for three concerts and two artists all within a week?! Come in for dinner, a drink, or an appetizer before the show. Leave room though because we offer our appetizers and drinks throughout the concert. We send one of our expert servers back there to make sure you have all you need without having to get up... except to dance of course!

Tickets are still available for both Andy Frasco and the United Nations as well as Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires. Stop in for your tickets today and see why live music is such a thing of beauty and why we at the Uptown Grill continue to make it such a priority!

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