Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fascinating Food Hacks

I'll try to have a little fun in this week's newsletter by sharing some very creative ways to use food. Recently I've been intrigued with the ideas of how other people use everyday food items to create interesting dishes (referred to as "food hacks").

These same people come up with neat party ideas including party-themed foods. They even use food and beverages as household cleaning supplies.

But seriously, some people are very creative in how they do things. An idea you see from someone else can spur an idea of your own. Often times, it's how things are created in our own kitchen. One idea leads to another idea, and then eventually we have something that works as a menu item, but also works economically in a busy kitchen environment.

So it caught my interest when I found a few ideas on other ways to use coffee, other than to drink it. How do people find these things out?

15 Useful Things You Can Do With Coffee Besides Drink It

And if there's something out there that you do at home or know of others doing, please share it with us. Heck, we might even steal or better one of your ideas!

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