Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Class of 2015: Saluting Our Grads!

Each year, as the local high schools and colleges send off their graduating classes, the Uptown has to do the same. The nice thing for us, unlike the schools, is that we still get to keep our people around for at least 3 months of summer before we really have to say goodbye.

I'm not going to say it's difficult to lose a staff member as they go away to college or accomplish what we call finding a "real job," because the reality is we lose people all the time in this industry. Your choices are to find someone else capable to fill the void, or don't. And don't is just not an option.

So we move on, but it doesn't mean they won't be missed... some dearly! We are proud of our graduates, proud of their accomplishments, and proud to call them a part of our team. We are happy to keep the ones who stick around the area or attend IVCC, and we will miss the ones who move away.

Regardless, we wish all of you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. You will always have a home here, and congratulations to you all!

Andrea Neff
Andrea has been with us for most of her high school and now college years. When she first started, we weren't sure if this was the job for her with her quiet, nervous and shy personality. Well, somewhere along the line, that person disappeared, and she has changed into the leader of our younger staff. Andrea is one of those people that makes part of my job fun, seeing the staff grow. I always knew she had a great work ethic and fun-loving personality, but to literally be there to see all of that emerge in someone and possibly think you had a small part in it, is always a pleasure. She is graduating from IVCC with an Associate of Arts Degree and will attend Arizona State University in the fall while studying broadcast journalism. She has already earned the position of copy editor for The State Press, ASU's student newspaper.

On a side note, when I did this article 2 years ago, I forgot to mention Andrea's high school graduation (oops), and she certainly let me know about it.  So there was no way I could forget this one, and I hope now I've made up for my mistake! We won't forget Andrea anytime soon either. Best of luck to you; we will miss you around here!


Molly Considine
Molly i
s one of three Considine's that we have working for us currently. Sometimes one Considine is a lot to handle, but trying to juggle three certainly is a chore! Molly just graduated from St. Bede Academy and will be attending Creighton University in the fall while studying to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. While we will miss Molly and wish her nothing but the best, it looks like we have a long line of Considine's ahead of us to keep us informed of Molly's status!


Alan Eschenbaum
Alan has just recently started working for us, and we will be losing him at the end of the summer to Western Illinois University. Alan has been a great addition to our staff, working both in our kitchen and dining room. With Alan staying closer to home than some of our other graduates, we should be seeing a lot of him during school breaks. Alan has graduated from Spring Valley Hall High School... it is always nice to have another Hall graduate around to help me balance out the abuse we take from the Cavalier and Bruin grads who have us severely outnumbered. Congratulations, and good luck Alan!


Justin Shaw
Justin has only been with us for a short time, mainly the last few months, and we will be losing him at the end of the summer to Kansas University.  Here he will study accounting and attempt to walk on the football team,which would be quite an accomplishment! He has graduated from St. Bede Academy and will work for not only us, but the City of LaSalle as well this summer. Congratulations, and good luck Justin!

Ali Plankenhorn
Ali will be graduating from LaSalle-Peru High School this year, and we hope to have her around for the next couple of years. Ali has worked as a bus person for us in the past and just recently came back to try her hand at the hostess position. Ali has been around the restaurant for years, as she is the daughter of our Chef, Chris Plankenhorn. We have seen her grow from a very young age. She has always been a pleasure to have around, and we hope to keep her around for a few years before she finds that "real job." Congratulations on your graduation, Ali!

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