Thursday, May 21, 2015


David Letterman may have, what some would say, introduced the world to legendary and iconic musicians. From there, artists have gone on to make millions and tour around the world. The Letterman Show came to an end this week, but our shows for the summer are just getting started! Unfortunately we can't look forward to having new performers from the Letterman Show, but instead we can relish in the fact in a short span of only 2 weeks, we will have not only one Letterman performer, but two (and two of the greatest at that).

Matthew Ryan and Griffin House are two very different artists. They are unique in their own way and that is how they have been successful in their careers and that's why they each have so many fans. Rather than considering all of the ways that they are different, we'd prefer to celebrate what they have in common.

  1. Yes the obvious, they have performed on David Letterman.
  2. They have both been making music for over a decade!
  3. We are lucky enough to have them both performing here!
  4. They asked Ray to fit them in for a show!
  5. They both have solo shows AS WELL AS shows with their bands.

Some pretty awesome similarities and coincidences right?!

Matthew Ryan kicks off this series TONIGHT at 7:30pm. After nearly 2 decades of artistry, Matthew is still touring, still making music, and still performing shows that bring an audience to chills. He is with his new band promoting his new CD. His Letterman debut was in 1998 and his Uptown Grill Playlist Theatre debut is on May 21, 2015. Tickets still available. Only $15 each! The perfect price for an evening of live music.

Matthew kicks off our summer shows and paves the way for one of our all-time favorites (and veterans), Griffin House. Griffin House is no stranger to our stage and apparently not a stranger to the David Letterman stage. He is considered one of our regulars and rightly so! He is always recommended and his tickets fly off the shelf! He is performing two shows during his next trip to LaSalle. His first show is on Thursday, June 4 and his second is Saturday, June 6.
Those patrons who come out to the show to give Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires a warm welcome will have a LIMITED AND ONE-TIME ONLY opportunity to get their hands on a few Griffin House tickets! These won't be available online or over the phone. They will only be available to those who are here in person for Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires. Matthew is not as familiar with our stage as Griffin House is YET, but we have high hopes that he will in a matter of no time!

When else will you be able to see a great show and buy tickets for a previously sold out show?! It's a special night for music here at the Uptown Grill. Put your worries aside. We don't keep you out late, but we do send you home with great memories, great food, and great drinks. And finally, while we are sad to see the Letterman show...we will always be grateful for having discovered some of our favorite Playlist Theatre performers.

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