Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wine List Spring Additions

Our seasonal wine meeting is in the books, and we've picked up some great new wines to share with you. During these meetings, we typically review our current list and attempt to bring in new wines that are both amazing in taste and a value to our customers.

Sometimes we stray from the "traditional" varieties that many are familiar with. With that, we are happy to introduce some different and exciting additions that you'll be seeing on our glass list very soon!

#154 Forman Vineyards Chadonnay, Napa Valley, 12 ----13.5% ABV
Ric Forman is one of the famous wine makers from California. He has a history with big names like Sterling, Duckhorn and Newton. Nine months of barrel aging leave it with more mineral characteristics. Not as oak-y as other traditional chardonnays.

#155 Leyda Chardonnay, Leyda Valley, Chile, 11 ----14% ABV
Leyda Valley is a newly recognized wine region of Chile. This complex wine is creamy on the palate and features aromas of ripe citrus fruit.

#156 Failla Chardonnay, Sonoma, 12 ---14.1% ABV
Pronounced “fay-la,” this chardonnay has lots of pear, caramelized lemon and apple notes. This medium bodied chardonnay is a project of Ehren Jordan, who was a long time apprentice for Turley Wines.

#229 Vin de Savoie Jacquere, Jongieux, France, 13 --- 11.5% ABV
These jacquere grapes are planted in clay soil and stored in stainless steel casks. Very mineral characteristics with ripe pear, floral and citrus fruits. This is a great summer white.

#461 Recuerdo Torrontes, La Rioja, Argentina, 12 ---13% ABV
One of my favorites of the tasting, this is a great summer light white. This is similar to a lighter sauvignon blanc. It has citrus notes, peaches, hints of lemon and a crisp finish. This will be a featured white on our glass list soon.

#462 St. Antonius Kreuznacher Kronenberg Kabinett Reisling, Germany, 14 --- 8.5% ABV
For all those sweet Moscato drinkers, this should please your palate. A kabinett is made from fully ripened grapes from the main harvest. They are very crisp and fruity with a summer flower finish. You will see this on our glass list soon as well.

#553 Paul Hobbs Crossbarn Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, 12 --- 14.5% ABV
One of the leaders in wine making. This true Napa cabernet is excellent. My favorite tasting of the reds. This is a very dark ruby red with flavors of dark cherry, blueberry and a silky smooth long finish. You will get clove and cocoa on the palate.

#802 Candor Zinfandel, Paso Robles, Lot 6 – 14.5% ABV
This is a project from the Austin Hope winery. A true zinfandel with fuller body notes of cedar wood, pepper and vanilla.

We have always tried to encourage and promote new wines with great value to our area. There are a few listed above that fall into this category. I highly recommend giving them a try this spring. Who knows, you may open your palate and find a new favorite. I know I do every season!

Check with us soon as these wines become available on our glass list. Cheers!

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