Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charcuterie Platter

by Megan Considine

Over the years, we have learned that people snack more during the summer than any other time of the year. With all of the different graduation parties, showers, pool parties, and picnics, lots of meals consist of "just" munchies.

We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate even the heartiest of appetites, but we can't forget about those who prefer an appetizer instead of an eight course meal. We've made room on our appetizer page for our charcuterie platter... a meat tray just light enough to get the job done.

Country pate' is a traditional French dish, similar to meatloaf. The pork is ground, seasoned, and baked in an oven. Unlike meatloaf, however, country pate tastes richer than meatloaf and uses more herbs and some alcohol to add flavor. We are making it in house so you know it will be one-of-a-kind!

Salami Rosa, a cooked salami, has origins in the city of Bologna, Italy. Bologna holds many secrets. From the unexpected river that suddenly appears in some parts of the city, to mysterious sayings and strange images drawn, the salami rosa is right up there. The surprising flavor is mild and full of personality.  Plus, how exactly it came to be is yet another mystery.

Spicy Capicola - sometimes referred to as coppa, capocollo or capicola - is incredibly flavorful.  Both a sweet and spicy meat, it is famed for its delicate flavor and tenderness.

Serrano Redono Iglesias is characterized by its great sensory and nutritive qualities. It has a low salt content and a smooth, slightly salty taste. Ray says, “this is the best you can buy.”

Salami Tosciano hails from Tuscany. We all know Tuscany is famous for its works of art (especially since Michelangelo spent some time there), but nothing compares to this regional creation. Lean pork, a handful of spices and a slow-aging process can only give way to a distinctive bite, taste, and aroma.

Under the direction of Chef Chris, these famous meats have teamed up to form a tasty menu addition. He has a knack for picking the best of the best!

Stop down and try our charcuterie tray.  When the munchies come calling, count on us to supplement your summer fun!

We are confident this will be the perfect snack... light, yet filling.  And even if you decide to stay for a full-course meal once you polish off this beauty, it will be our little secret!

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