Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Uptown Facelift: Phase One

by Ryan Anderes

The long-awaited remodel is underway. We will have to do it in phases; we'll have to do it around business; and we'll probably have a lot of late nights and early mornings to get this done.

Our goal is to not disturb the daily flow of business, but to also not lose many days by closing down (although there will be a few days in the future where we have no choice). Phase 1 was a success. We tore down the banquet room and put it back together in less than one week. Great job guys!

The hard part about doing this is working around events that we've already committed to.  Last week, we had just a big enough window to get it done, so we took the leap!

After one of our parties in the banquet room left on Saturday afternoon, the tear down began almost immediately. The last of the remodeling touches were placed on the banquet room late Friday night. Yes, we needed the room ready by 9 am Saturday morning.

Perhaps a little too close for comfort, but the job was done - for the most part - in less than 6 days. We still have some finishing touches on the room with wall decor, some lighting and some trim.  But overall, the room is ready to rock and roll again.

While the banquet room will probably be the easiest of all the phases (as we did not move walls or the bar) it was the right place to start. We were able to get an idea for how long things will take and how they will look.  Plus, now we have a room we can use for dining, if need be, while we work on other dining areas in the restaurant.

It was our practice room, so to speak, and we still have a long way to go. So, we bid the original Uptown Grill banquet room farewell and we ring in a new look. A sneak peak at what is to come. We've shared some before, during and after photos of Phase 1 (click here to view more). We hope you like the new look... we sure do!

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