Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuna Tower

by Ryan Anderes

Not only great tasting, but also a striking presentation... our tuna tower is one of the more popular special appetizers that we offer.

A far cry from the mundane items offered on most appetizer lists, we pride ourselves on our extended list of "first course" menu choices. This is a fresh and healthy choice to start your meal.

Our tuna tower should require no more than just its introduction.  But for those who have never experienced it, this is sashimi grade tuna mixed with a handful of other ingredients... all stacked high to create a piece of food art. Presentation alone, it gets a 10!

Made with tuna tartare, our sashimi high grade tuna is finely chopped and seasoned with soy sauce and fresh lime juice. We then combine this tuna with green onion and cilantro and stack it tall on a bed of cucumbers, sushi rice and fresh avocado. An arrangement of fried wonton chips, pickled ginger, wasabi and caviar complement every bite of this Uptown classic.

This appetizer showcases a completely different cuisine... come give it a try! Over the years, it has become a fan favorite. We are sure it will soon be one of yours!

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