Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Independence Weekend

by Megan Considine

June is almost over (already) which means the 4th of July isn't far behind. It's amazing how quickly time flies!

Independence is certainly not our busiest holiday with competitors such as New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter stealing the glory (no secret there). What makes this holiday so unique and exciting for our downtown LaSalle location is the view. 

Our outdoor dining has glorious views during both the Peru fireworks. That's right... in the Illinois Valley, this holiday is celebrated on July 3. Neighboring cities have fireworks on each of these days. Our neighbor to the west, Peru, is famed for their fireworks which take place at historic Water Street on July 3.

One can sit outside, visit with friends, have a drink, and relax while watching the beautiful fireworks without having to navigate through a busy and loud crowd. The best view in the house isn't the food on your plate or the flowers on your table... it's the fireworks and beauty of small town life.

While we encourage you to find a spot on our patio, we also have all of the makings of a great American holiday on the inside. Red, white and blue! Tried and true! American classics.

Chef Chris is always experimenting with berries. He keeps them on hand for different side dishes and desserts. From strawberries and raspberries, to cheesecake and red velvet cake, red is a color you can always find in our kitchen.

Mashed potatoes, vanilla bean gelato and whipped cream are also found in our kitchen. These white-hued foods are essential to making all of your favorite classics. Not to mention our always fully stocked white wine selection!

Blue is not a hard color to find in our restaurant either - specifically behind the bar. Our bartenders are armed with the knowledge to make your favorite martinis, margaritas and mixed drinks.  They also know how to create the classics or whip up something crazy and unique.

As you prepare to celebrate our nation's Independence Day (color coordinated food is optional), 
keep us in mind.  We'll be open the following hours for the holiday weekend:

Friday, July 3:  11am - 11pm
Saturday, July 4:  11am - 11pm
Sunday, July 5:  12noon - 10pm

Whatever it is that you enjoy most about the holiday - family gatherings, good food, entertainment, tradition, lots of laughs or memories - let us be a part of the fun.  We always look forward to celebrating with you!

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