Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cheese Samples & Spirits

by Jim Lannen

Extensive menu selections like ours can make it hard to decide what to order. Many simply resort to an old favorite. But with such variety (not to mention the effort we put forth in creating amazing dishes), we feel it's our duty to highlight some creations you might otherwise overlook.

Our artisanal cheese sampler is one of those dishes. This unique creation goes great anytime of day. Whether you are looking for a light lunch, an afternoon snack or a dessert with a glass of wine... this sampler is one of my favorites and should be yours, too!

As you enjoy the various flavors and textures, it can be quite interesting to learn the different processes that each goes through. In addition, we offer an assortment of dried fruits, nuts, breads and crackers to complement the sampler.

If you're in the mood for slightly less than a full-on cheese course, we also offer a scaled down version where you can select single portions of any cheese from our sampler. If you have never tried this dish, I highly recommend it.

Order as little as one -  or maybe even a few - that you'd liked to try. It's an easy introduction to the great cheese makers of the world without committing yourself to a full sampler.

Choosing a beverage is also important to the experience. The most common thought is that a glass of wine is best served with the sampler. Sure, I will agree that, of the 10 great wines we serve by the glass, there is one that best complements each cheese.

Of course, there are charts and suggestions out there to offer insight into what goes well with what. However, part of the fun is experiencing it for yourself and finding what you like!

There are other spirits that can be quite interesting as well. A glass of lighter, sweeter port is a perfect pairing to a deep, full flavored bleu. Yes, opposites attract with this combination. Or I have been told that our current #3 cheese, Pecorino alla Grappa, has an interesting partner. This fragrant, aromatic cheese with compact texture goes excellent with the aperitif Cynar.

Allow yourself to be educated while having a little fun trying the different cheeses on our artisanal cheese sampler. Enjoy them with a summer cocktail or a bottle of wine - indoors or out. Whatever your choice, you are sure to enjoy the variety available with one of our nicest menu selections.

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