Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pup-Friendly Patio

by Megan Considine

You see a wide range of groups dining together when you work in a restaurant. You get used to showing hospitality for family gatherings, friends catching up, retirement parties, bridal parties, business functions, etc. It’s just the nature of the job, and we love the variety!

But what about your four-legged best friends?

They stay cooped up all day long while you are at work, so they shouldn’t have to stay at home while you’re out having fun, should they? We didn’t think so! Alfresco dining is so much better when you can enjoy it with ANYONE you love, including your furry babies.

Our sidewalk dining is the
the perfect place to enjoy lunch, dinner or a treat with your canine companion.  A great place to be when it’s nice out, the patio is comfortable, cool and shaded.  Our sidewalk tables are evenly spaced allowing your dog to be comfortable and feel welcome without feeling cramped.  We also provide water and offer your pet a doggy treat!

And of course, there are a few extra perks for the humans. We make sure you can hear our music outdoors.  Plus, we treat the experience just as we do any other dining room... by offering a full menu from open to close plus excellent, prompt and thorough service. Our patio section is fully staffed all spring and summer long with servers who are are excited to pop out and get some summer sun while at work (especially the dog and puppy lovers). 

While we encourage our regulars and veterans to let us meet more of their family members, we also hope to catch the eye of the tourists and travelers who are traveling with their dogs!

The nice weather brings a lot of people out and about to our local attractions. All of the following tourist stops are nearby:
  • Starved Rock State Park (6.7 miles)
  • Matthiessen State Park (7.5 miles)
  • Buffalo Rock State Park (12.7 miles)
  • Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort and Water Park (9.8 miles)
  • Lock 16 I&M Canal (.10 miles)

It’s safe to say we meet thousands of people each summer from Chicagoland, Quad Cities, Bloomington, Peoria, Rockford, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and more! We love to hear where people come from and how they find us.

For those who bring their dog to the park for the day or those who are driving on their way to or from their destination, we would hate for them to pass us by because their furry companions aren’t welcome!  Whether you've been here before or have been hesitant because you thought your four-legged family members weren’t allowed, think again!

Our patio is always open to you and your friends and family... human and animal alike. If it’s not raining, snowing, or hailing (granted it is Illinois, so sometimes those all happen in the same day) we’re out there ready to serve you.

Stop down for a tasty treat.  It's an experience even Fido can enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much, we drove by recently, and thought what a nice looking place. But weren't sure we could bring our pooch. We will be back soon with buddy. Again thanks for that option!