Thursday, July 23, 2015

Oysters Thermidor

by Megan Considine

The opportunities for a tasty oyster dish are endless. Whether you go for a simple, on-the-half-shell method or opt for a fancier display of rockefeller or casino, oysters have been a delicacy for centuries... however they're made!

And of the many options, we're about to introduce one more. We've been known to experiment with different ways to make a dish unique. And so we present the latest brainchild to surface from the Uptown kitchen: Oysters Thermidor.

Perhaps you've heard of Lobster Thermidor. A creamy combination of lobster meat, egg yolks, mustard and brandy (often Cognac), the resulting mixture is stuffed into a lobster shell. We liked the idea of this classic French dish dating back to 1894, but we wanted to make it our own.

Yep, this is where we loop back to the whole oyster idea.  Why not combine the two concepts?  As a result, we stuff the same amazing combination with our oysters... and wa-laa!  We have just created the Oyster Thermidor. 

Come see us today and tell us your favorite way to enjoy oysters (but only after you try these first to be sure)!

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