Friday, October 2, 2015

The Orderman

It's been a little over two years now since we've introduced our new tablet menus.  And with the remodeling slowly coming to a close within the next few weeks we've decided that we're going to try an even newer form of technology that our wait staff will have to learn to adapt to as well.  We're sure that many of you have seen our POS terminals that our servers order your food from, but now these terminals have gotten much, much smaller.  As of late we have been experimenting with a handheld device known as the "Orderman."  About the size of an Iphone, the Orderman is a handheld terminal that allows our servers to order food at your table instead of hand writing them in the old fashion sense.  

This technology is so advanced that it contains our entire menu on the screen to save our servers the time and the paper in writing an order.  As of now we are keeping them at the bar so servers are able to ring in a quick drink or dessert until we are completely done with our remodeling.  We find this is best so that we don't bombard our entire dining room staff with brand new floor layouts, kitchen setups, and then new menu technology would make it feel like we are opening up a brand new restaurant. So if you see a server at your table playing with what looks like an iphone we assure you, they're not playing candy crush. They're listening and ordering your food for you at the table for a new, updated dining experience.

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