Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remodel Update + Photos
We're in the Homestretch!

This computer rendering was done in April
of this year. Pretty close huh?

by Ray Anderes

Well it looks like we are coming down the homestretch. Within the next week or two, we hope to declare ourselves finished (with the remodel, that is).

Before we even think of a grand opening or anything along those lines, we're going to take this ship on a little shakedown cruise. And what better time of year to do that than December? Our busiest month!

Since the last time we talked about remodeling, we were pretty much living in a house without furniture. We had tables and chairs and the interior finishes complete.  But now the rest of the furniture has arrived. We hope to be 98% complete by this weekend.

If you study the photos (view more here), you'll see much of our new furniture - just installed! - which includes about 170 feet of booths and banquettes as well as bar stools and other furnishings. By this Friday, we hope to have our wall that separates the lounge from the main hallway.

Then all that's left is some art work and a few other last-minute adjustments. Next time we talk about the remodel, we plan on doing a recap of the entire project... not just for the newsletter, but more for posterity. 

A panoramic shot of our new dining room.

So come on in and check out the new elements we've added to our operation. In some aspects, it's like opening a brand new restaurant from scratch. And to be honest, it IS a whole new restaurant... one with 30 years of experience.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

The booths before being set in place

Another pre installation shot

Beer samplers being enjoyed in one of our new booths

Ray takes a well deserved nap at the end
of a long project.

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