Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wild-Caught Fish Frenzy

by Josh Theisinger

One of the most frequent menu questions (especially involving fish) is, "Where does it come from?"

In the coming weeks you'll see a variety of seafood advertised as "wild caught." 
When referencing seafood in this fashion, it typically means the product is not farmed, which means it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. For example, right now we're featuring a Wild Caught Caribbean Red Snapper. 

Broiled and served over a bed of sauteed spinach with a roasted red pepper cream sauce, our Caribbean Red Snapper is a medium-bodied fish with a slightly sweet taste.

When the Red Snapper runs out, the coming weeks will showcase some other wild caught varieties including Kajiki Marlin caught off the coast of Hawaii.  Along with red snapper we are currently featuring wild caught gulf shrimp dejonghe. While we can't yet describe how some of these future dishes will be prepared, we can tell you they come straight from the source: The Ocean

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with the "non wild-caught" seafood. In fact, the influx of seafood farms within the fishing industry has contributed to the regulations that make sure the safest and healthiest product is sold. It's why we carry Jail Island Salmon on our menu, perhaps the most sustainable salmon farm on the market.

But isn't it nice to know that your fish filet came straight from the source with no additives or GMO's of any kind? This ensures a fresh, never frozen dish straight from the waters to your plate!

Be sure to watch our seafood menu as we transition into some tasty new selections. And for now? Enjoy that red snapper while you can!

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