Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Hours... and Christmas Moon?

by Ryan Anderes

Wow! Christmas is just a week away! As a child, it seemed Christmas would never come. Those last few days seemingly would take forever. Now having children of my own, I can't believe Christmas is here... wishing time would just slow down! Seems like just last year, we were planning for Christmas and New Years Eve, and here we go again!

So as Christmas quickly approaches - and I can only assume you are as far behind as I am - we just wanted to give you that last minute reminder that you can easily order Uptown Grill Gift Cards online. Try and get your order in by 3pm on Monday afternoon, and assuming speedy postal delivery, we can have your Christmas Gift Card at your door on Wednesday.

We also are open Christmas Eve from 11am until 2pm. We open for a quick lunch and then close again for the evening.  Christmas Eve has become a fun-filled festive lunch shift for all of us to work. We have staff members OFFERING to work a holiday, and we even had Ray in the spirit last year!

I can't imagine many places have employees offering to work Christmas Eve, but it's a quick 3 hours.  Plus, there are rumors of some free holiday eggnog this year for customers (and maybe even employees) who enjoy a little pre-Christmas lunch with us.

Then at 2pm, we shut the kitchen down and stick around for those last few tables before we clean the place up and shut her down. A couple last-minute holiday beverages are usually shared, and we have that inevitable last gift card sale around 3:41pm just before we lock the doors.  We continue to be closed through Christmas Day so our staff can take a much deserved break and enjoy the holidays. They certainly deserve it, especially this year!

And lastly... we leave you with the notice of a Christmas Moon, a.k.a. the long night's moon. Set to reach it's peak around 6:11am Christmas Morning, this full moon will help guide the way for Santa and his Reindeer.

It's a pretty rare occurrence, as it will be the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977 and only the 4th Christmas moon since 1900.  It's not scheduled to happen again until 2034.

For us, it's just an added bonus to be closed on a day with a full moon as it seems that strange things happen in this business when it's out. There are probably too many stories to share, but go ahead... ask anyone in the service industry what a full moon brings out sometimes!

So, we will gladly take the Christmas holiday off this year and try to enjoy our time with family. We hope you do the same, and all of us at Uptown Grill want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season!  We hope you choose to celebrate with us!

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  1. I loved shopping Christmas Eve day, a little snow on the car hood, all the clerks so happy it's almost over, running into some old friends just in town for the holiday, guys clueless on what to buy the wife. Then hurry down to the Uptown to maybe catch Ray for a Christmas drink, a quick ski trip story, and a laugh before closing time. Finally, off in different directions, to family dinner or wrapping last minute gifts. Merry Christmas Uptown! Bush, Seattle USA