Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sam Llanas Holiday Show

by Ray Anderes

While legalistically we have to refer to him as "Sam Llanas formerly of the BoDeans," he was the creative and driving force behind the BoDeans. The BoDeans could be considered one of the most influential bands ever to come from the Midwest. If you are anywhere near my range in age, you will instantly recognize the songs, the sound, and that famous signature BoDeans voice.

Last year, Sam and his band played for about 3 hours without taking a break. I can't promise you the same thing this year, but just like with all those old BoDeans tunes, he puts everything he has into his shows. We are honored to have him back.

Saturday, December 26 at 7:30pm
  General Admission $30

We started presenting these holiday shows several years ago. As a small, hometown type of community, we definitely feel the influx of people coming home for the holidays. We thought, "what a great time to have show!"

After being cooped up with the family all week and the challenges that one can have finding something to do in a small community, we decided to create a diversion.

The problem was that typically bands do not like to tour during the holidays. For a couple of years, we had some of our Iowa friends (Pieta Brown, Dave Moore, William Elliot Whitmore) perform around Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Then we ran into some even more local artists. Miles Nielsen is from Rockford, and Sam Llanas and his band are from Milwaukee.This is how we started having Miles on Thanksgiving and Sam between Christmas and New Years. We hope to continue this tradition.

This year when we looked at the calendar, the only day that could possibly work was Saturday, the day after Christmas. I was very pleasantly surprised when Sam said yes.

Tickets right now are over 3/4 sold, so if you have an interest I highly recommend grabbing these now, while you still can!

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