Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Show Announcements ~ Bill Kirchen and The Dustbowl Revival

by Ryan Anderes

Two new shows have been added to our 2016 Playlist Theater schedule.  Tickets are now on sale and are available by clicking here.

Without further ado, we introduce...

Bill Kirchen
Friday, April 15th  |  $25 general admission 

The "Titan of the Telecaster" Bill Kirchen will perform here with the same two musicians he's brought with him previously. His shows are among our all-time favorites. It is worth the price of admission just to hear what is usually one of his last songs - the song he is famous for - Hot Rod Lincoln. He is the writer of the song, and while it has been covered by many artists, it has never been duplicated.

I hope I'm not spoiling anything or anyone. Sometimes the rendition can be as short as 10 minutes... sometimes it's as long as half an hour. During the song, he will cover many, many, many historic guitars. Most of us would recognize that guitar in three notes, without a word being spoken. Rolling Stone called the rendition “epic.”

Of the many things Bill is famous for, he co-founded Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen in 1967. They recorded seven albums for Paramount and Warner Brothers, one of which (Live From Deep in the Heart of Texas) rightfully made Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Best Albums of All Time.”

He has been nominated as a guitarist, a singer and a songwriter for a Grammy. His career has spanned over 40 years and includes guitar work with Nick Lowe, Emmylou Harris, Doug Sahm, Elvis Costello and many more. He celebrates an American musical tradition where rock 'n' roll and country music draws upon its origins in blues and bluegrass, Western swing from Texas and California honky-tonk.

Dustbowl Revival
Wednesday June 1st  |  $25 general admission 

The Dustbowl Revival is a Venice, California-based collective (8 musicians) that merges old school bluegrass, gospel, pre-war blues and the hot swing of New Orleans to form a spicy roots cocktail. 

Here are a couple well-known publications who can vouch for their unrivaled talent:
“In a city like Los Angeles, home to musical stars in nearly every known genre, handing out the Best Live Band title is not easy. But the free-thinking local collective Dustbowl Revival's upbeat, old-school, All-American sonic safaris exemplify everything shows should be: hot, spontaneous, engaging and, best of all, a pleasure to hear.” — LA WEEKLY
"Americana swing that was so fun I went back to see them again the next day." — ROLLING STONE
“...evokes a Depression-era sensibility redolent of John Steinbeck, and the spirit-raising gospel of the American South.” — BOSTON GLOBE

Known for their roaring live sets, Dustbowl bravely brings together many styles of traditional American music. Some call it string band-brass band mash up. Imagine Old Crow Medicine Show teaming up with Louis Armstrong’s Hot Fives and Sevens, or Bob Dylan and The Band jamming with Benny Goodman and his orchestra in 1938. It’s infectious, joyous music... a youthful take on time-worn American traditions. Named "Best Live Band in LA" by The LA Weekly, this will be one fun show!

And if you missed the band the last time they performed here in April, here is what you missed:

Review of Dustbowl Revival - Friday, April 17th, 2015

One guest wrote the following critique:

This is a note to share a little bit what 120 patrons at Uptown Grill's Playlist Theater were able to experience on Friday April 17th. But first, an admonition. If you just looked at the name of the group, Dustbowl Revival, and decided this was a group you had never heard of, and therefore not worth your time, your effort, and your money, you made a very bad mistake. I apologize that it is very difficult to put into a few short words just how great this performance was. This talented group of artists served up a delicious musical gumbo. All of the parts were outstanding, but the sum was fantastic. Here is another to understand what happened. Nobody who only listened to a Bruce Springsteen record, would have any idea of just happens when he takes the stage. But once you go, you understand something deeper about the power of music. What this band did on the Uptown stage, was touch every person in the room, with the deep power of music.

Ray mentioned this statement was very well put and that he was marking it down as his all time favorite show, anywhere!

I am sure many people had a hard time figuring out what to expect from a band named Dustbowl Revival. Band leader Zach Lupetin described it as "Jewish cowboy music." This genre is hard to describe and easy to love.

A second chance doesn't always happen, but you have been afforded a second chance to witness the single most amazing night in the 10 year history of our Theater!

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