Thursday, February 18, 2016

Online Updates: Caption This & Take the Tour

by Ryan Anderes

Last year around this time, we revamped our newsletter and overhauled our weekly contest. Since that time, we have also renovated the entire restaurant, tweaked our newsletter some more and looked for ways to improve our social media connection.

With each week's newsletter, we try to inform our subscribers of new products that have come into the building, current specials, upcoming events and concerts... sometimes we just go op-ed and discuss current events. So with all the changing we've done over the last few months, we wanted to take the time to remind you of some new (and not so new) features of our newsletter and website.

And for all those new subscribers in the past year, this is definitely for you!

First is the "Caption This" Contest.  Now about a year old, we're overdue to give the contest a renewed push and a quick recap of how it works. Fun and quirky, it's an easy way to earn a free meal. It's a veritable photo library that we give you free reign to comment on (see a sample photo and winning caption below).
Does this meat make my lobster look fat?

Once a week (typically on Wednesday or Thursday), we post a photo to our Facebook page that somehow relates to the Uptown Grill. It is up to you to create a funny, silly, literal caption or even a funny story. Each week, we'll select which one we feel is the best and reward the winner with a $25 gift certificate.

New, to the contest, is a feature for all NON-FACEBOOK users to be able to post a comment in the blog section at the bottom of this article. You don't have to have Facebook to participate! Just post your comment below!

All you need to do is follow TWO simple steps.

1.) Make your comment/caption in the blog section below

2.) Leave your name following the comment

Then next week, open our newsletter and find out if yours was the winning caption. If you posted on the blog and won, all you will need to do is email with the subject, Caption This, and let us know you were declared this weeks winner. We will arrange to send you the winnings!

We will still continue to post each photo and winning caption in our newsletter the following week (When posted, each new photo entry will be eligible for your creative captioning for approximately one week. Once Wednesday evening hits, we'll pick our winner and publish it in that week's newsletter that typically hits your inbox by the weekend.)

And the best part is that someone will win free food from Uptown. That's right, someone will win lunch for two each week. Now who's with us?

We choose our favorite among all the entries. And let me tell you... sometimes it comes down to an arm wrestling contest. We get a real kick out of reviewing your responses each and every week!

So what on earth are we talking about? Here's how it works:

  • Each week, we post a new photo on our Uptown Grill Facebook page. (Have you taken the time to "like" us yet?) Or as we stated above, just make your caption in the blog section below.
  • Look for the new Caption This photo, or simply follow the link offered in our weekly newsletter if you're a subscriber.
  • Comment on the photo and leave us your best caption. Maybe it's funny. Or maybe it's quite literal and descriptive. Remember, there is no wrong answer.
  • Plus, you've got plenty of time to craft that witty comment. We give you 5-7 days to submit your responses before we select our winner and move on to the next photo.
  • Want to check out captions from previous weeks for inspiration? We archive our past photos and answers here.
Someone, somewhere, will win lunch for 2. Every single week! If you don't win this week, try again the next. And the next and so on.

Share this with your friends! It's no secret... Uptown is giving away free food, and we want you to be a part of it! So start playing newsletter friends!

This Week's Caption This Photo Is:

Another feature that we love to brag about and remind you of is the "Take The Tour" feature on our website. J
ust a few short weeks ago (and keep in mind, we've essentially been done remodeling since Thanksgiving), someone said that our "Take The Tour" images on our website were still displaying the old Uptown. Something so prominent on our webpage, yet we overlooked it.

It's amazing to think of all the things that you need to do when you remodel. Everything changes, and it doesn't just happen overnight. We can't go one week in our marketing meeting without someone saying "oh no we forgot to update this," or "we forgot to update that." The list is endless!

So arrangements were made to gather the necessary images, and the new "Take The Tour" has since been put together and posted. We know many of you have seen images from the remodel, but you may not be able to envision the entire scope.

Some of you may be new subscribers and have yet to see what we have done. Some of you may even be outside the area and are unfamiliar with us, yet are in charge of planning a shower for someone who is. Well "Take The Tour" allows you take a virtual walk through the new restaurant.

So go ahead and explore! The two links are listed above for your tour enjoyment.

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