Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Show Announcements: Andy Frasco and Sam Llanas

In 2013, we welcomed Andy Frasco and the United Nations as well as Sam Llanas, formerly of the BoDeans. They were first time performers in the Playlist Theater. We're proud to welcome them both back in 2014 for their sophomore debuts.

Tickets are on sale now! Both will be April shows, with Andy Frasco appearing on Wednesday, April 2nd for $20. Sam Llanas has a $25 ticket for his Friday, April 18th show.

Purchase your tickets here.

A quick recap of each artist in case you missed them the first time around. Each show will feature a full band with the same lineup as their last appearance here.

Andy Frasco and the United Nations
High energy party blues. Five great musicians. Andy's show has the charisma of a Griffin House and the fun of a Chuck Prophet. I can see having him play here whenever he comes through the Midwest.

And in case you don't believe me, take it from the concert-goers who saw him here last August:

  • "Ladies and Gentlemen the Andy Frasco show was lighting in a bottle. Truly magic."
  • "The music of Andy Frasco is designed to make you feel young, exhilarated, and happy to be alive. There was so much motion and commotion from the patrons that the floors of the Playlist Theater took an absolute beating."
  • "My thoughts exactly, comment above said exactly how I felt about the show and this venue."

Sam Llanas, formerly of the BoDeans
Sam played to a packed house last year. He started with some solo material and then brought the band out after a few songs. For you BoDean fans, I cannot think of a big BoDeans hit he did not cover. His new stuff is great also.  His new band mates are well suited to his style. They are a very tight ensemble.

Again, some comments from satisfied customers who saw last year's show:

  • "I have to say this was the best show yet! Being a huge BoDeans fan and being able to sit 5 feet away from Sam, literally brought tears to my eyes."
  • "The middle of the show really rocked. At the end, the loping, down-tempo version of 'Still the Night,' in my view the quintessential BoDeans song, lingered beautifully. It was a marvelous show."
  • "I have been attending concerts since I was a teenager in big and small venues....have come to the conclusion that the Uptown is the best place to see live music. I was so close to the stage for Sam's show that I could literally touch the lead guitar player's foot pedals..."

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