Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's 2014: A Weekend Holiday

Over the years, it seems our lives have only become more hectic and a lot busier. Too much to do and too little time. Holidays are supposed to be the times set aside to spend with loved ones. Even they are busier than ever. Whether that be celebrating the New Year with many of your family and friends, a house full of people on Thanksgiving and Christmas or a July 4th picnic in the park, there is usually never that "alone" time spent with your significant other. That day is set aside as Valentine's Day. IT IS A REQUIREMENT. It is quiet time to share with each other and forget everything going on around you and remembering how you fell in love. There are many traditions out there - and I am sure everyone has their own - but most of the time it involves taking that special someone out for a nice meal and a conversation. We would love to host your special night. 

This year with the holiday falling on a Friday, it is going to be a very busy night. At this point, our reservation books are just about full for Friday unless you are looking for very early or late. (And we would still love to have you). Following Valentine's Day is Saturday, so most people are off from work. Many are planning their night out on Saturday in order to enjoy a nice meal around the dinner hour, but yet this night is filling in fast as well. I would like to remind you that there are no rules or laws as to when you have to take your Valentine out. If you want to avoid all the crowds, why not make Sunday your night to spend together? This would be the night I prefer to take my Valentine out because you actually get to sit back, relax and enjoy your time together. (Not to mention, working in this industry requires me to be here on these busy shifts, so the quiet time is more special). There is no rush, not a line of people waiting, nor a lot of action going on around you.

Again, by all means we would love to provide you with a memorable evening, but if you call for reservations and find the time you are looking for is all booked, don't forget we are here all weekend. Sunday is just as nice to bring your date; a lunch works as well. As the Valentine holiday has evolved over the years, the traditions have changed as well. You do not have to take your Valentine out for dinner on actual Valentine's... just keep in mind you do have take them out at some point.

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